The VFW Objectives:
  • To Insure the National Security through maximum military strength
  • To Speed Rehabilitation of the nation's disabled and needy veterans
  • To Assist Widows and Orphans, and the disabled and needy veteran
Swearing-In Ceremony from the 1970's
Swearing-In Ceremony from the 1970's - with names?
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Ladies Night, that date on the third Friday of this month, is looked to by not only the Auxiliary but also Post members. It is usually quite interesting and enjoying a good meal, Ladies meeting and a band. You need to know that in May, the meeting will be on the 16th,

Command Charlie Mauer reports a very busy month with ten funerals as follows:

  • March 25: William Russell
  • March 29: Thomas Husband
  • April 6: Richard Greenwell
  • April 7: John Armstrong
  • April 8: James Gaines
  • April 10: Harry Effron
  • April 12: Charles Renfro
  • April 14: Edward Stevens
  • April 15: Arthur McDonald
  • April 17: Bill Coleman

From this, the reader can see that the Post Honor Guard has been quite busy, sometimes short in members on the firing squad.

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